A New Spin on Bike Storage

The RotoSTAND is the ideal bicycle stand, designed to adjust to all makes and models of bicycles. Its rotation molded plastic construction makes it durable, waterproof, chemical-resistant, and fit for use indoors or outdoors, while its intelligent design allows it to accommodate all types of cyclists. It also allows the cyclist to use it freestanding or hanging on a wall. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a cycling enthusiast, the RotoSTAND should be your choice for bike storage.


Solid Construction

The RotoSTAND is made from a thick polyethylene plastic making it extremely durable.

Thoughtful Design

Intelligent design accommodates all makes and models of bicycles.

Minimal Assembly

There’s no complicated assembly or hardware required – and it’s just as easy to disassemble.

An indoor/outdoor storage solution should provide convenience, durability, and protection from the elements while indoor storage should not take up too much space in order to ensure convenience.

Form AND Function

Storing a bicycle isn’t as straightforward as it should be. Both outdoor and indoor options present challenges. Outdoor storage requires durability and flexibility – exposure to the elements leads to rust and other wear-and-tear – while indoor storage often lacks convenience and takes up space.


Contain the Clutter

Protect your bike and combat the chaos in storage spaces.

Family Friendly

Easy to use for both kids and adults.

On-the-Go Storage

The right size and weight to bring along anywhere your bike takes you.


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